Low Emission Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme


We have been approached to partner with a company called Tusker who provide an affordable low emission salary sacrifice car scheme to promote this service for EAUC Members. We have worked closely with Tusker to ensure the benefits of the scheme are clear as well as ensuring that sustainable travel options are promoted. We have negotiated with Tusker for them to provide a free ‘smarter driver’ course to all EAUC Members who take up the scheme so adding extra value for Members. As part of the partnership Tusker have agreed to provide a donation to the EAUC for each Member that takes on the scheme which will be used to improve Member services (the donation is at no extra cost to Members). The scheme is already used by a variety of local authorities, hospitals as well as Aston University (we have provided a case study from them, see attached flyer) and we have other Member institutions interested in the scheme. This would be available to all types of EAUC Members – including Educational Members, Company Members and Strategic Partners.

We, the staff, are asking the MAC to advise on the way we communicate this scheme to ensure the Member benefit is clear and the scheme itself is clear and adequate information is provided.


  • Are the documents attached clear as to what the scheme is? Is there any additional information you would require at this stage?

  • Are the documents attached clear as to what the Member value and benefit is and why the EAUC are involved?

  • Who do you think would be the most appropriate person to send this information to? Would this be of interest to all EAUC contacts or only the Key Contact or sustainability professionals or those with interest areas in transport?

  • Should we promote the scheme with other colleagues within member institutions, that may not be aware of the EAUC or listed as a Member contact, such as HR departments? 

Summary of the feedback

  • Send to finance & sustainability professionals. Action: To send communications to these groups

  • Focus on ‘grey fleet’ in comms. Action: To include within the documents

  • To make the documents clear that it is clear that this is a personal contract scheme and not a purchase scheme. Action: To include within the documents

  • To make the FAQs clear on the impact of pension contributions. Action: To include within the documents

  • To provide further information on the case study for Aston and if possible understand the take-up and financial impact on individuals. Action: To include within the documents

  • The provider could attend regional meetings to give a presentation. Action: To suggest to regional convenors to invite at future meetings

  • The question of exclusivity was raised. Response: This is a pilot with one company who we have negotiated extra benefits for our Members. If this is popular and Members benefit and value the service then we could look at other companies. Obviously the exclusivity allows us greater power to negotiate greater benefits for Members. As with all Company Member offers Educational Members are free to take these up or not and as with all offers institutions are free to choose amongst others in the market.

This new Member service is now launched, including the feedback from the MAC - click here for full details.