Linden Environmental

The activity

We’ve developed a relationship with Linden Environmental who have an exclusive licence to carry out a service using innovative technology to help organisations dramatically reduce their energy bills by using nearby canal and river water to cool buildings.

Overview of the project

Please read more information here - please read the information via this link so you can advise us on the approach to take via the questions below.

The technology offers huge potential in terms of carbon savings and Linden Environmental will help with funding. They’re only offering this to EAUC Members with the extra benefits outlined - read the final information for more details. The EAUC is only making the introduction and Linden complete the project.

The task

The MAC were asked for their thoughts on how could we communicate this properly and develop dialogue with the correct people within our Member institutions. This was based around the following questions:

1. Does this technology tick off enough of the key drivers that would make this project of interest to institutions?
2. The EAUC will receive a payment per project undertaken which will be used by the charity to develop further Member services – should we be upfront about this in our communications?
3. Does this information on the link above give you/your colleagues enough of the top level detail to entice you to find out more of the specifics from Linden and opt for the free feasibility test?
4. Would a webinar with Linden be an appropriate channel for communicating this more comprehensively?

The outcome

The feedback from the MAC can be found in the document below - this also indicates the EAUC response to the questions raised and where action has been taken.

View the final information about this project with the MAC's amendments.

The EAUC Company Membership policy can be found on the website here.