Why LiFE?

LiFE is a planning and self-assessment tool specifically for colleges and universities to improve social responsibility and environmental performance through a whole institution approach. LiFE systematically guides you through the design, planning and delivery of your strategic sustainability activities.

It is not prescriptive – one size does not fit all. LiFE provides you the freedom to mould what sustainability means for you and your institution and give you the direction needed to improve.

It is a strategic tool, allowing you to design your strategy and empowering you to deliver through your existing tools of an environmental management system, UCCCfS, Green League or ISO14001. It is not a replacement for these. It is not a quantitative or statistical benchmarking tool but an implementation and delivery tool.

While the tool is flexible, we have created 2 versions to recognise the difference between Higher and Further education institutions when it comes to Research.

The reasons to use LiFE are unique to you and your institution but benefits include the ability to:

  • Go beyond environmental performance to evaluate wider social sustainability
  • Actively manage and improve your sustainability and social responsibility performance by setting targets and monitoring your progress
  • Engage with colleagues beyond the sustainability champions/estates and students - use it to engage your Senior Management Team
  • Use LiFE to complement other activity e.g. an environmental management system, the Flexible Framework, UCCCfS or the Green League. No extra work but it can provide your institution with a central view as it offers a dashboard to pull everything together. Read more in our FAQs
  • Demonstrate accountability
  • Engage with a community of participants through EAUC Membership, which will help you to share ideas and good practice.

Need more information?

Use our information guides and presentation below to learn more about LiFE and use them to engage others.