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An interview with LiFE Participant Paul Taylor, Sustainability Manager at the University of Northampton:

Why did you get involved in the LiFE Index?

We had previously taken part in the Environment Strand of Universities that Count and were keen to carry on that work. However, we realised that LiFE would be far more holistic and cover parts of the university activity that we had not looked at through a sustainability lens.  We also saw the opportunity to use the Index as a ‘Gap Analysis’ tool to see where we were doing things and help us develop an action plan to plug the gaps.

What have some of the benefits been?

The benefits have included:

  • Bringing colleagues together from across the institution to explore sustainability and what it means to us
  • Identifying what we are actually doing on sustainability and uncovering some of the good practice that is already taking place
  • Exploring how sustainability links to our core business strategy

What have you been doing to explore how it links between LiFE and your core business strategy for the institution?

Participation in the LiFE Index has prompted numerous discussions with colleagues on the relationship of some of the priorities identified in LiFE and the organisations commitment to Social Enterprise.  Whilst this is a long term approach I am encouraged how we might make this even more connected.

Would you recommend LiFE to others and if so what advice would you give?

Yes I would recommend it, however I would:

  1. Ensure that you get beyond the name and understand how the system can help you
  2. Be clear about how you want to use the system
  3. Bring together like minded people to be involved and take it forward
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