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We asked Andy Norris, Organisational Development Advisor - CSR at the University of Westminster, why he felt LiFE would make such an impact to his institution: 

"The University of Westminster hosted the initial consultation meetings that led to the development of the LiFE Index and signed up in December 2011. The first step for us at Westminster was to establish an internal process to engage staff and students, gather and review evidence and data and tell the story of sustainability at Westminster.

The CSR Committee terms of reference were re-written to incorporate maintaining an overview of management practice in four areas of environment and social responsibility, mirroring the LiFE Index; Estates and Operations; Leadership and Governance; Learning and Teaching and Research; Partnership & Engagement. Working groups were set up for each priority area with a lead person appointed, from the membership of the CSR Committee, with the responsibility of reporting into the committee.

We know that at Westminster our staff and students are engaged in a wealth of environmental and social responsibility work through projects, initiatives, events, collaboration and the curriculum. The challenge was to recognise, record, promote and reward this work. We recognised in the LiFE Index a tool that could be used to facilitate this. The long term objective being to measure and improve our sustainability performance and realise one of our university values, to be sustainable; green-thinking is at the heart of all we do. Our common goal is to respect the planet and we are committed to sustainable practices, both on the global stage and in our own working environment.

So far the journey to sustainability has been enlightening, slow, rewarding, difficult, enjoyable and ongoing.

I would recommend the LiFE Index to other institutions as sustainability can be difficult to measure in the complex and ever changing environment of higher education. Anything that can shine a light on to the subject and help in the journey as the LiFE Index does, is to be embraced and valued."

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