Framework guidance

The guidelines feature comprehensive information to support Members in addressing a whole institution approach to sustainability through the four Priority Areas: Leadership and Governance; Partnerships and Engagement; Learning, Teaching and Research; and Estates and Operations.

Each Priority Area is accompanied by strategic information to assist in developing a business case for sustainability, and is underpinned by a number of sub-themes called Frameworks to better define the elements of each of the Priority Areas. What’s more, the guidelines include a comprehensive list of supporting resources, as well as examples of what good practice could look like.

  • LiFE is made up of the following 4 Priority Areas - you can focus on one at a time and build up to achieving all 4 for a whole institution approach

  • Within each of the Priority Areas are a series of 14 Frameworks which have more detailed guidance to help you

  • Within each Framework are 8 Activity Areas where you add your evidence of existing activity