Is LiFE for you?

LiFE will bring benefits regardless of how advanced your social and environmental responsibility activities may or may not be.

LiFE is developed to be flexible and to allow you to manage your own performance at whatever stage you are in your sustainability journey. There are no deadlines and no rules so you decide how you want to use it and set your own timescales.

If you are at an EARLY STAGE you can use LiFE to:

  • Shape your strategy
  • Help you identify the work that is already taking place – because there will be plenty!
  • Engage staff across the institution
  • Identify opportunities to engage with other stakeholders
  • Identify good practice and support materials
  • Build momentum and achieve senior management buy-in

Use LiFE: Start in areas where you are already working - often this would be the Estates and Operations Priority Area

If you NEED DIRECTION you can use LiFE to:

  • Review your existing strategy
  • Develop plans and set targets
  • Stimulate discussions across the institution with stakeholders
  • Engage other staff across the institution

Use LiFE: Start to engage staff in areas where you have struggled to embed sustainability - this might be the Learning, Teaching and Research or Leadership and Governance Priority Areas

If you have a WELL DEVELOPED STRATEGY you can use LiFE to:

  • Review current activity
  • Pull together evidence of the good work you are doing
  • Identify gaps across the institution
  • Identify where you can start to measure impact and demonstrate progress

Use LiFE: Build a whole institution approach across all 4 Priority Areas