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We asked Peter Rands, Director of Sustainability Development at Canterbury Christ Church University, why they engaged with LiFE and the impact it will make to his institution:

"We took part in the first year of Universities That Count (UTC), so we already had experience of social and environmental responsibility reporting. As the Sustainability Development Manager for Canterbury Christ Church University, I was involved in the development of LiFE through the EAUC project and was very keen to ensure that we built something that worked for rather than against universities and colleges.

Bringing together the whole picture of sustainability in a large organisation is difficult, time consuming and not on everyone’s priority list. I’m hoping that LiFE will be a development tool that engages and builds confidence in understanding and a common sense of purpose. At the outset it will be a staff development tool but in the longer term I hope it will be a performance enhancement tool.

We have achieved internal buy-in and have established our list of key individuals taking responsibility for aspects of it. I’m now taking the time to explore the tool in detail and build one Framework as an exemplar.

We have an established approach for how we will use LiFE which is important: this year (2012) we will focus on staff engagement and development and building a strong  team to work with it in the longer term. We then hope it will become the mainstay reporting on our Sustainability strategy.

I would recommend LiFE to other institutions as it’s a holistic and demystifying approach.  I believe it has the potential to uncover a great deal of good practice and leadership for sustainability that already exists within our university."

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