North East Scotland College

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We asked Paul Sherrington, Principal at Banff and Buchan College (now North East Scotland College), why he felt LiFE would make such an impact to his institution:

“We were very keen to engage with LiFE and identified early on the people who were going to be key to the implementation. Now LiFE has been launched campus-wide.”

“Our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility began with a desire to reduce our carbon footprint, but we quickly realised this would be more than just an operational consideration, it would have to run through everything we do.”

“As a rural college, it is essential that we engage with the local business community, and we saw a great opportunity to help local businesses become more sustainable by creating and delivering tailored training initiatives. For us, LiFE is not just about reducing fuel bills, it is incredibly important in helping us to manage our commitment to Curriculum for Excellence.”

“LiFE is a mechanism that everyone can engage with, it keeps everyone together on projects.It fits perfectly with our strategic aims and we have found it straightforward to overlay with our objectives.”

“By properly engaging with LiFE we are confident we will end up with a working strategic plan rather than just a written policy. We want to set realistic targets and monitor and measure how we are performing against these. We fully expect to see vast improvements in areas that we would have never thought possible before LiFE.”

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