We are working on a new approach to an external Accreditation for LiFE. We want to ensure this is fit for purpose so this may take us some time. The scoring in the Self-Assessment tool has already been aligned to the Accreditation scoring model.

Members can self-assess their progress and when they feel ready, they can apply for Accreditation.

Our aims are:

  • Members will be able to choose if they wish to obtain Accreditation or not

  • The external Accreditation may include a site visit with interviews of key staff

  • The external Accreditation may include the use of students in the process

  • Due to the costs of running the Accreditation there will be a charge

  • Accredtiation can be obtained at a Priority Area level, e.g. Estates and Operations

  • Members can build up across the Priority Areas until they achieve Full Accreditation

  • Members can choose whether they go public with their resulting accreditation

If you are interested in the Accreditation process, please contact us.

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