Learning in Future Environments launches 1 November 2011 www.thelifeindex.org.uk

After extensive consultation with the sector the EAUC is proud to launch Learning in Future Environments (LiFE), the fully redeveloped, rebranded and relaunched Universities that Count programme.

Unlike its predecessor, we have designed LiFE from the ground up. It is a unique comprehensive performance management and benchmarking tool developed specifically to help colleges and universities manage, measure, improve and promote their social responsibility and sustainability performance.

In every way LiFE is being designed for the sector, by the sector. We have been working hard to ensure that it is easy to implement, intuitive and relevant. We are continuing to encourage all institutions to take an active role in our consultative process and help us to develop and improve LiFE.

• Continual Performance Improvement System
LiFE is a comprehensive performance improvement system that will help colleges and universities drive continuous improvement in social responsibility and sustainability.

• Student Recruitment and Engagement
Research shows that students increasingly expect their learning institutions to be leaders in social responsibility and sustainability. LiFE will help you demonstrate your commitment and attract the highest calibre of students.

• Public Recognition
LiFE will help you promote your institutionʼs commitment to social responsibility and sustainability through a transparent review of your activity and a full externally verified accreditation.

• Prepare for the Future
LiFE will help you secure the future of your institution by meeting and exceeding legislative and funding requirements.

• Be a more responsible institution
Colleges and universities are, at their core, organisations created for wider societal benefit. LiFE can help you fulfil your social responsibility and sustainability obligations and help you create a more responsive, and responsible, institution.

LiFE is funded by the four UK Higher Education Funding Councils: the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), the Scottish Funding Council (SFC), the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) and Department for Employment and Learning Northern Ireland (DELNI).

LiFE is launching on 1 November 2011. If you would like to find out more about how LiFE will work for your institution, or you would like to get involved in the further development of the system please, visit our new website at www.thelifeindex.org.uk.

LiFE: Manage. Measure. Improve. Promote
LiFE: Manage. Measure. Improve. Promote

Delivered by EAUC
Delivered by EAUC