JISC Procureweb - Strategic Partner

Company Description

JISC Procureweb, a JISC Advance service hosted by Cardiff University, works to provide procurement support for the Higher Education (HE) and Further Education (FE) sectors and research councils. At JISC Procureweb we recognise that for universities, colleges and research councils getting the best value for money from goods and services is a priority so we offer a range of tools, information and support services tailored to support those within sector who participate in the procurement process.

Sustainability Statement

JISC Procureweb provides tools to assist the HE and FE sector and research councils in sustainable procurement through offering tools which will help institutions meet compliance legislation while reducing their carbon footprint and creating sustainable procurement best practice.

Xchange has been developed by JISC Procureweb in collaboration with the Research Councils Shared Services Centre as a shared platform for sustainable procurement.

Recent Projects

Xchange is a system that enables anyone within a HE, FE or Research Council to advertise or buy surplus equipment through an online platform. The system allows institutions to save money by breaking the cycle of buying and then disposing of fully functional equipment through advertising and buying redundant equipment through the platform. Xchange allows institutions to trade surplus equipment both internally and nationally.

Website Link: http://xchange.procureweb.ac.uk

JISC Procureweb - Strategic Partner
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