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The EAUC Ireland Terms of  Reference have officially been approved by the EAUC Board and the Ireland Officer Bearers Group have been nominated and elected, with representatives from HFE and Institutes of Technology.

Regional Contact:

Damian Dalton
Senior Lecturer
University College Dublin

Damian's areas of research cover advanced computer architectures, integrated circuit gate simulation, IT power modelling and green, sustainable data centre energy management. He has published over 30 peer reviewed ACM/IEEE papers in these areas and has been commissioned by the Irish Higher Education Authority to produce policy documents for the European Commission on sustainability in the European third level education sector. He was also a member of the European academic committee which produced the first online course on green, sustainable data centre management hosted by the Netherlands Open University.

Damian is the founder and CEO of Stratergia, a company specialising in innovative data centre energy measurement and management, which has been shortlisted for the 2015 DatacenterDynamics international awards. He holds patents on several data centre energy management technologies and is a member of the Irish Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the UCD Symphony Orchestra.






25 November 2015

University College Dublin

Launch meeting

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2 March 2016

South West College


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20 October 2016

University College Cork


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4 April 2017

Virtual Conference Call 




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Group meeting photo, South West College
Group meeting photo, South West College