Introduction to sustainability elearning

The activity

We are developing an elearning module with Marshall ACM, following the success of bespoke elearning modules they have developed for specific universities. The elearning module is an 'introduction to sustainability' and is generic to cover all universities and colleges within the UK. Our aim for the module is that Members will be able to use the module as a tool to engage and introduce sustainability to a target audience of staff and students not currently involved in sustainability issues, such as green champions. It is not aimed at sustainability professionals. The module will be available through our website to view, free to Members. There will not be any tracking or linking with individual institutions or HR/training systems.

Institutions can choose to bespoke this elearning module and have these added features which you can purchase via Marshall ACM. We are also working with AUDE and BUFDG to develop an elearning module aimed at senior managers.

The elearning module will take the following form:
• An introduction to the sustainability agenda - setting the scene
• Activities to engage the user showing how personal decisions can make a positive difference (such as guess energy used leaving photocopiers on; impact of waste of cardboard coffee cups; travel impacts; water usage)
• Key areas of sustainability within an institution to show a holistic approach to sustainability (a maximum of 8 key areas)

The area that we need the MAC's input is to feed into what the 8 key areas of sustainability within an institution should be covered and what key messages should be for these. Proposed key areas are:

1. Your Workplace - covering energy use, buildings and utilities
2. What You Buy - covering procurement
3. What You Use - covering waste
4. The Gadgets You Use - covering Green ICT
5. Measuring and Managing - covering leadership, governance, data collection
6. Get Everyone Involved - covering community, staff and student engagement
7. The Birds and the Bees - covering biodiversity
8. Learning for the Future - covering curriculum and Education for Sustainable Development

The task
1. Do you agree with the above 8 key areas?
2. Are there any additional areas that you would include and therefore which ones would you remove (as there is a maximum of 8)?
3. If you had 1 key message that you would want staff/students/green champions to receive on each of your 8 chosen topics – what would it be? A maximum of 3 sentences.

The outcome
The feedback from the MAC can be found in the document below - this also indicates the EAUC response to the questions raised and where action has been taken.


Download file elearning_mac_feedback_and_eauc_response.pdf MAC feedback and EAUC response (144Kb) #3852