How Green Impact Works

The Workbook

Keen individuals within university departments sign up to participate in Green Impact. They are given a workbook with practical, easy to implement and no or low cost actions to complete. Each workbook is specially designed for each university taking part. Staff are encouraged to complete as many actions as they can. Staff are encouraged to complete as many criteria as they can and at the end of the year are awarded either bronze, silver or gold accreditation.

Who takes part?

Green Impact is open to all staff and students at each university and staff are encouraged to invite students to help support the scheme. The university aims to get as many departments as possible to take part in the project. On average there have been 20 teams per university.

Green Impact is a bottom-up project where individuals organise themselves, focusing on the actions which most interest them and finding their own ways of implementing the actions.


Once the workbooks have been completed and submitted, volunteer staff and auditors will visit all the departments to check that the workbooks accurately reflect the actions completed during the project. The results will be announced and each university is encouraged to celebrate and promote the achievements of those departments taking part through an awards ceremony.

Departments who miss a Bronze award will be rewarded with a working towards accreditation, celebrating their achievements within Green Impact.

Why take part?

  • Green Impact provides the opportunity to have fun and help the environment!
  • The workbook provides a bespoke toolkit specially designed to help you green your department
  • Being part of something bigger designed to green your campus
  • Recognition for environmental actions already in place, and for all your hard work and efforts
  • The opportunity to encourage colleagues to think about the environment
  • The opportunity to save resources and money.
  • The opportunity to achieve!

For more information and to see Green Impact ain action click here.
How Green Impact Works
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How Green Impact Works
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