Networking & Training

One of the most important ways the EAUC supports the Further and Higher Education sector is by providing a comprehensive Networking, Training and Events Programme for staff working towards sustainability.

Our training events are available at very affordable rates, with added discounts for EAUC Members. Find the types of training and events we offer below, and a list of upcoming events here.

Topic Support Networks (TSNs)

A Topic Support Network (TSN) is a group of people working together on a specific sustainability subject that is relevant to Scottish colleges and universities. Members of the network can be staff in further and higher education or in public or not-for-profit organisations. TSNs will provide opportunities for individuals and institutions to:

  • Share information on best practice and support
  • Identify problems, threats and opportunities for new initiatives;
  • Participate in consultation exercises;
  • Deliver practical outcomes that will help others in the sector.
  • Provide networking opportunities to the sector in Scotland by topic area; and
  • Provide added value to the UCCCfS and the wider EAUC training programmes & projects by theme.

Each TSN in Scotland has a dedicated JISCmail group. By signing up you will be kept up-to-date with dedicated Topic Support Network events and engage in discussion forums with other members of the group.

You can find information on our Topic Support Networks here, and view all upcoming events on our events page.

Edinburgh Regional Network

The Edinburgh Regional Network encompasses sustainability professionals from the local universities and colleges, with representatives from sector-wide and local organisations from the area.

The main remit of the network is to identify opportunities for collaboration between institutions, identify common challenges to overcome and encourage knowledge exchange.

Find out more about the Edinburgh Network here or contact us if you are interested in starting a network in your area.

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Our Continued Professional Development programme covers a range of training topics which are choosen by our members to insure that the most up-to-date and comprehensive training is offered. These sessions allow for peers to exchange ideas and interact with others in their field, and learn skills such as Social Media Use, Adaptation Planning, and best practice on Behaviour Change. If you have any requirements or suggestions for courses please contact us, and find a full list of upcoming events here.

EAUC-Scotland Conference 2017

22nd February 2017 - University of Stirling

EAUC-Scotland held their fourth Conference in February, focusing on making change happen. Full details and session presentations can be found on the event webpage.