Educational & Company Member Engagement

Our next activity for you is to ask for insight into the relationship between our Company Members and our Educational Members so we can improve the relationship between the two groups. As we have a mixture of Company Members and Educational Members on the MAC we would appreciate hearing from all groups on this activity.


The EAUC has 2 types of Membership – Educational Membership which is for tertiary education establishments and Company Membership which is available for organisations that work within the tertiary education to support tertiary education. Our aim is to share the learning and expertise from these organisations to our Educational Members. Therefore we encourage Company Members to share case studies, host webinars and events. We also utilise our collective buying power and negotiate special offers with our Company Members for our Educational Members. Both types of membership are an important source of income for the EAUC and we need to ensure we meet the needs of both Members and that Educational Members value what Company Members bring.

A summary of the feedback

We asked for insight from the MAC members on how to improve engagement from Educational Members with our Company Members. A summary of the responses are below:

1. Do you value having sustainability case studies from EAUC Company Members based on their work with other tertiary education establishments? Please explain your reasons.
All responses valued case studies as providing examples of activity and to include both positive and negative.

2. Do you value having Company Member out of sector sustainability case studies? Please explain your reasons.
All response valued out of sector case studies as long as they are relevant

3. Do you think it is useful to know the Company Member’s own sustainability journey?
A mixed response was received with some not finding this useful. One response assumed that as an EAUC Member they would have proved sufficient evidence. Other responses felt that this was important as part of the procurement/supply chain assessments.

4. How could we best impart this knowledge to Educational Members? For example, do you prefer a case study and information on our website or would you prefer a webinar involving both the Educational and Company Member? Do you have any other suggestions?
Case studies available on our website was considered to be the preferred option with relevant tags to make searching easier.

5. Would you benefit in being offered special offers negotiated from EAUC Company Members for Educational Members for your organisation?
The majority said they would benefit but concerns were raised regarding procurement guidelines/laws. Some mentioned that they were already part of purchasing consortiums which ensure value for money.

6. Do you have any other suggestions on how we can improve engagement with Educational Members and Company Members?
Suggestions include:

  • Company Members could attend and present at regional meetings

  • Case studies to include cost/benefit analysis to make it easier when presenting to management

  • A form of procurement framework, compliant with OJEU directive would be useful to save time on PQQ exercises. This could be a subset of other procurement frameworks/consortiums

  • An up to date list of members, services, products, technologies, contacts and references to case studies referenced through the newsletter and published on the website.

A full listing of all Company Members with their services and products and links to case studies and testimonials is available at the Green Directory at

The feedback was fed into a Board meeting which took place on 15th May.