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As a high level interface between sector and employer senior executives, the EAUC– led Council meets in May to review its initial two lines of enquiry. 1. Graduate attributes – developing a common understanding of what these need to be so that employers and universities are aligned in their inclusion of what is needed for 'graduateness' and sustainability, and 2. Governance and board membership - building a greater understanding of how universities operate, and seeking means by which new Board members with sustainability credentials from businesses can be appointed onto Boards.
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The inaugural meeting of the EAUC Future Business Council saw 34 attendees from universities and global companies come together to discuss solutions to the burgeoning issue. Attendees of the event included Marks and Spencer, HSBC, Prudential, Unilever, PwC, National Grid, BP, SSE & Universities of Glasgow, Cork, Harvard, Southampton, Manchester and Nottingham Trent to name a few.

An understanding of sustainable development was identified as one of the biggest skills missing from the average graduate. Often associated with only environmental practices, sustainable development is actually an incredibly broad term that is generally accepted to mean ‘development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’. To give focus to the concept, sustainable development works to balance three priorities: economic, social and environmental concerns.

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