Young Professionals Working for You and a Sustainable Future

"Our message to members is to invest in a sustainability graduate for up to a year and work with them to drive sustainability faster and further into your institutions - it will be money well spent"

Iain Patton, EAUC Executive Director

Joining forces with Change Agents enables a CUSP graduate to realise your institution's sustainable development goals. The EAUC will work with Change Agents to develop a programme of induction, training and support for the placement graduates to ensure we get the max out of this whole new important and exciting resource!

The CUSP partnership between the EAUC and Change Agents offers universities and colleges a life-line! Student placements of this quality will bring new drive and skills to our members' often small sustainability teams.

How Does it Work?

The College and University Sustainability Placements scheme recognises the potential of recent graduates to enhance your college or university sustainability team. The Scheme is run by Change Agents.

We recruit from our register of over 4000 experienced and knowledgeable graduates.

We provide a complete service on a not-for-profit basis, to place graduates within your institution.

Our sector-specific training and support encourages active networking and the sharing of good practice.

Change Agents' partnership with the EAUC allows your graduate to continually develop their professional capacity, enhancing your institution's ability to deliver it's sustainable development aims.

What Can a Graduate Do?

Our graduates are integral to reviewing, promoting and embedding the many varied facets of sustainability within all aspects of campus, curriculum and community.

They can:

  • Support current sustainability teams or instigate new areas of development
  • Save your institution money through energy saving and procurement initiatives
  • Promote and develop staff and student interaction with wider sustainability initiatives such as:       
  • EcoCampus
  • Carbon Academy
  • Sound Impact Awards
  • Carbon Reduction Committment
  • Review environmental impacts of procurement
  • LiFE 

The Benefits to You

  • Gain capacity to adhere to national further and higher education sustainability initiatives
  • Demonstrate a committment to employing great graduates within your institution
  • Utilise the supported network of CUSP graduates to share best practice and develop partnerships between institutions
  • Working in partnership with the EAUC gives your graduate invaluable access to professionally recognised training
  • Provides opportunities for your institution to engage with sector-wide concepts of sustainability and practice
  • Our links with IEMA allow a CUSP graduate to access information and professional networks
  • Take the easy employment route: maximise your team with a short-term graduate

See below for further details on the Scheme or Email CUSP for further information.

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