MAC background

The 2011 Governance Review of the EAUC Board of Trustees resulted in a number of significant changes to the operational and strategic management of the Association. Historically the Board was recruited from the EAUC’s membership whom attended the Annual Conference and provided the Executive Office with fairly practical, operational direction and guidance, often providing hands-on support that directly reflected members’ immediate needs and requirements.

However, following the Governance Review, the Board has adopted a strategic governance role that is reflective of its core purpose. Whilst this provides the Executive with much needed strategic guidance, both the Board and the Executive Office share the concern that the wider membership voice is not diluted by these changes and that the membership retains an influence on the development of products and services that are delivered for the direct benefit of members.

To that end, as part of the EAUC’s ongoing commitment to delivering member-focused support and services, the Board and the Executive Office  sought a mechanism that allows them to effectively consult on and prioritise member services.

To that end a Member Advisory Council (MAC) was launched in 2011. The MAC provides an important mechanism that promotes transparency and accountability through effective consultation and collaboration. The MAC  provides a mechanism for the Board and the Executive Office to diversify and prioritise actions appropriately and to develop meaningful and relevant member services that benefit the college, university and learning and skills sectors across the UK.

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MAC background
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