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Company Description

Axiomatic Technology specialise in space management solutions for Universities.  Space is both an asset and source of expenditure and monitoring is essential to estate management.  Axiomatic’s systems provide automated space usage monitoring integrated with timetabling platforms and building management systems  to deliver accurate usage data, identify inefficiencies, cut energy expenditure and inform rationalisation and development.

Sustainability Statement

Axiomatic Technology is committed to developing systems which enable the educational sector to make the most efficient use of space, reduce energy use and carbon footprints and inform future development.  We are also members of the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment Regulations 2006 (WEEE) compliance scheme.

Recent Projects

Buckinghamshire New University - Occupancy system installed showing student numbers in a number of zones across the site.

Brunel University - Room useage integrated with timetabling software to identify wastage, rationalise space and reduce energy expenditure.

University of Exeter - as Brunel University

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Axiomatic Technology Ltd - Silver Member
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