AGM Input


One of our specific aims of 2013 is to ensure we listen more to our Members and provide the information required to be clear and transparent.

We are currently planning our AGM (taking place on 19th April 2013) and I am seeking an insight into what information Members would like presented during the AGM to provide an adequate update on the year and any information required since the last meeting. We need to ensure the meeting remains constructive and reassures our Members that the feedback from last year has been implemented.


Therefore I am writing to all Convenors of the EAUC Communities of Practice and Regional groups, as well as the Member Advisory Council, to seek this insight. For example:

• Do you have any questions about the structure of Membership or the future of the EAUC?

• Are there any finance questions that need to be answered that have not been answered?

• Is there any information that Members expect to receive at the AGM that we have not provided in the past?

Any insight would be really helpful and if you could get back to me by 27 February that would be great. And of course please feel free to pass onto any other Members within your group or collate responses if that helps. Please be as honest as possible as this ensures we listen to Members and make changes wherever it is possible. It would help us to plan adequately to provide an Annual General Meeting that fulfils all Members’ requirements and puts us on a positive path for the rest of 2013.